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Oh my Hummus!

Oh my Hummus

I love to entertain! Improvised or not, small get-togethers between friends are often the best.

Evenings spent talking about everything and nothing, our jobs, the annoying co-worker, the gorgeous dress we saw at Zara yesterday,…

Endless evenings full of good times!

I love it, it’s awesome… except that this type of party can happen often during the course of a month. Then you add to that the restaurants here and there, the girlfriend’s birthday, the intimate dinner with the boyfriend, the dinner at the in-laws,…

Lots of occasions that often lead us to eat too much and not well-balanced.

From time to time, it’s not that bad but when those occasions tend to multiply, it can cause weight gain and an overall drop in energy.

That’s why I always make sure that my aperitifs are most often accompanied by healthy and tasty appetizers. Everyone can then enjoy themselves while doing good to their body.

Here’s my yummy hummus recipe that goes perfectly with vegetables, gluten free whole wheat toasts or simply with a spoon

It’s a tasty side dish that remains very healthy thanks to the chickpeas, a good source of vegetable protein.

  • You need:

– 2 cups chickpeas (previously left to soak in water for at least 6 hours)

– 5 tbsp olice oil

– 6 tsp water (The amount may vary depending on the texture you want to obtain.)

– about 10 basil leaves

– the juice of 1,5 lemon

– 2 tbsp Tahini

– 1 tsp cumin

– 1 tsp Cayenne pepper

– 1 garlic clove

– a pinch of salt

  • Instructions:

It’s very quick and easy. Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend until creamy. Feel free to add more water if you don’t like it too thick.

Keep the hummus in a closed jar in the fridge for a maximum of 5 days.

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